Microsoft hosts crude and insulting performance at NDC 2012

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Microsoft's 2012 Norwegian Developer's Conference features a quite frankly insulting, cringe worthy performance.

The "Barbie Girl" style song and dance featured the lyrics "the terms 'micro' and 'soft' don't apply to my penis", "css is my LSD", and "xml is my ecstasy", and "coding is our drugs".

Whilst you've got to admire their "creativity", the end result is offensive, to both the developers and the company itself, not to mention any audience members of a sensitive disposition. So much so that Microsoft were moved to make a public apology.

I can't help but wonder how such an awful blunder got approved by Microsoft, and I suspect they will be seeking a new marketing company. It's clear that their soon to be ex-marketeers have certain preconceptions about software developers, that are incompatible with their target audience.

That said, it is so badly judged, that it will have you in stitches.